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HudsonTactix was founded on modern risk management concepts. HudsonTactix’ business model supports negotiations over litigation and provides its clients with transparency and cost savings through appropriate, effective and systematized claims management.

Claims Management

Program Overview

HudsonAnalytix has the broad, multi-disciplinary expertise and capability to support the potential fallout from the financial challenges facing the maritime cargo sector today. Sea carriers are confronted with historically unfavorable economic conditions ushering in the possibility of potentially catastrophic failures, in some cases bankruptcy, administration or receivership, thereby leading to complex cargo resolution and distribution challenges. Through our decades of experience managing business crises on behalf of maritime interests, we have developed and implemented a robust project management solution, RiskLogix, intended to create organization, transparency and resolution for maritime shipping interests in such conditions. RiskLogix leverages formidable maritime and port industry experience with efficient businesses and leading workflow technology, thereby providing,

  • Real-time risk evaluation to identify the extent and criticality of complex cargo claims and the related stakeholder interests;
  • The development of a Master Plan for resolution and cargo distribution issues;
  • Gap Analysis of existing operational distribution plans and actions against the Master Plan;
  • Establishment and management of a centralized response and customer service center to support operations and timely resolution;
  • Experienced Agile Response Teams of personnel specialized in cargo surveying, hazardous materials, data deconfliction, handling issues, facilitation of distribution, customs clearance, conflict resolution and enhanced stakeholder communications;
  • Robust, actionable reporting on a routine and timely basis;
  • Cargo data collection, de-confliction and scrubbing;
  • Provide visibility of assets and chain of custody assurance; and
  • The deployment of a neutral and secure information sharing platform which collects, manages and analyzes large volumes of logistics and trade data.

Who Can We Help?

  • Shippers;
  • Equipment Lessors and Owners;
  • Cargo Owners;
  • Transport Providers;
  • Financial Institutions;
  • Insurers;
  • Legal Counsel;
  • Judicial Bodies; and
  • Regulatory Agencies.

What Can Be Achieved?

  • Improved control;
  • Timely cargo delivery or disposition;
  • Enhanced situational understanding for decision-makers;
  • Monitor status of critical assets;
  • Support chain of custody;
  • Avoidance of unnecessary litigation where possible;
  • Identification of opportunities to capture value;
  • Expenditures managed to an appropriate level;
  • Elimination of wasted resources; and
  • Demonstration of commitment to stakeholders and meeting of obligations.

Maritime Claims Management 

Program Overview

Through planning, tactical implementation and training, we guide our clients in operating safely and without incident. But should an incident occur, we are here to manage the consequences and to assist in reducing the financial, operational and environmental implications.

HudsonTactix clients benefit from a fully responsive claims and consequence management team with unique specializations and an outstanding track record for success.

Since our inception, we have managed and resolved nearly 6,000 claims. We leverage our solid technical understanding and broad experience in managing P&I claims, Hull and Machinery, Loss of Hire, Strike, Brokers’ and Agents’ Errors & Omissions and Cargo to bring efficient and fair conclusions to our cases.

Varying levels of assistance are available depending on client needs. In some instances, we stand side-by-side with our clients and work together. In others, we take the lead. Or, we simply offer support and guidance. However, in all, we work to simplify the complexity of the situation and to resolve and process claims in a way that fully protects our clients’ interests. 


Here at HudsonTactix, master mariners, regulatory experts, experienced investigators and licensed claims adjusters work in unison to ensure that clients achieve business continuity, organizational resiliency and cost-effective resolutions.

Our senior level claims team is comprised of experts across the industry who provide timely and thorough responses to all types of incidents. We are skilled in managing all areas of first and third-party claims, petroleum and hazmat spills, accident and injury matters, fires, freight, demurrage, damage, and safety audits. HudsonTactix claims team personnel understand the issues which surround disputes involving contracts, including insurance policies, bills of lading, charter parties, sales contracts, shipbuilding contracts, MOAs, agency/brokerage agreements and management agreements.


HudsonTactix provides our clients with cost savings through appropriate, effective, systematized claims management. Our process encompasses investigations, commercial correspondence, reporting, negotiations, litigation support and payment management, to achieve fair resolutions while protecting our clients’ interests.

Clients have immediate access to a team with expertise in managing P&I, FDD, H&M, Loss of Hire, Strike, Brokers'/Agents' Errors & Omissions and Cargo. We represent our clients as needed, serving as liaisons and correspondents in commercial, governmental and regulatory matters.

Our business model emphasizes negotiations over litigation. This approach, combined with our solid technical and operational foundation enables us to achieve transparency and efficiency throughout all stages of the claims management process.

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Maritime Medical Bill Reviews

Program Overview

One of the largest sources of expense for a ship owner or shipping company is the cost for ill or injured crew. No one knows when someone will get hurt or sick. Depending on what the problem is, bills can range from several hundred dollars to hundreds of thousand of dollars.

Trying to navigate the maze of billing procedures, CPT codes, and medical provider billing schemes requires time and expertise and this becomes even more complex when it involves a crew member. Generally, US hospitals do not know understand the complexities of crew medical billing issues.

We have the expertise, knowledge and proven ability to guide you through this confusing process and achieve reductions which are amongst the highest in the industry. From some of the largest P&I Clubs and shipping companies in the world, to single vessel owners, we at HudsonTactix are contacted daily to review and save our clients’ money by negotiating reductions to medical bills. 


There are a multitude of medical bill review companies. What distinguishes HudsonTactix from the others is the amount of money we actually save our clients and our understanding of needs and priorities of ship owners and managers.

On average HudsonTactix obtains reductions of 60 cents on the dollar (60%) from medical providers. Our competitors typically average 20%-40%.

Our business model emphasizes negotiations over the use of prearranged “preferred rates”. Our competitors will tout the use of preferred medical networks or utilizing prearranged “preferred rates”. Our belief is that when utilizing prearranged providers or preferred networks the medical provider takes the arrangement into account when preparing the invoice.

HudsonTactix takes each invoice and negotiates from the invoice. No pre-arranged contract rate, no courtesy discounts. Hard, effective negotiations.

Since 2011, Hudson Tactix has reviewed more than $5,000,000 in medical charges and saved over $3,000,000.

Every bill, no matter how large or small, below the deductible or above the deductible should be reviewed.

Can you afford to pay an additional 30%, 40% or even 60%?


The process is straightforward and effortless.

Either contact HudsonTactix directly at:; or scan and email the bills to We will take it from there.

Once we have reviewed the bills, obtained the reductions, and received a signed agreement from the providers, we will request the funds to pay the provider.

Costs of the Service

Because all clients have different needs, we offer several rate options. If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Crew Medical Assistance Program 




Program Overview

The program is designed to minimize medical costs, provide assistance to owners, shipping companies and vessels that have crew who need non-emergent medical care when trading with the U.S. The Maritime Labour Convention of 2006, (in force as of 20 August 2013), provides seaman with the right to visit qualified medical providers without delay in ports of calls.

HudsonTactix’s crew assistance program has been successful in assisting owners and shipping companies whose seaman require access to shore based medical care, while at the same time contain costs by eliminating unnecessary medical services and unnecessary hospitalizations. An additional benefit of the service is the reduced need for repatriation and the costs and expenses associated with repatriation.

We provide assistance to our clients 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.


In the event a crew member needs or wishes to see a doctor, and it is not a medical emergency, contact HudsonTactix. You can reach us at our 24 hour number: +1-856-342-7500, or at our office numbers during business hours, or on our mobiles or via email.

We will work with your agent and direct the agent to take your crew member to a medical provider in that port of call who is on HudsonTactix’s approved list. If there is no agent, we will contact a transportation company on your behalf.

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North's First Call

Program Overview

HudsonTactix is one of two US companies selected by North of England to design and implement a crew medical assistance program-FIRST CALL.

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