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Port security and master planning for a megaport located along Mediterranean, Atlantic and African trade routes.
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HudsonTrident offers security services for the maritime sector worldwide. We specialize in ISPS Code compliance services, such as online ship threat assessments and ship, port and terminal security assessments, reports and plans as well as CSO/SSO and PFSO training.

Virtual Training 

HudsonTrident is pleased to announce it has received approval from the USCG NMC for the delivery of all of its USCG-approved maritime security training courses via online video conferencing.  This includes our three main training courses, Company, Vessel and Facility Security Officer, as well as our one-day course for Vessel and Facility Personnel with Specific Security Duties. 

As this Alternate Training Delivery adaptation is resultant of the current COVID-19 pandemic, this approval is valid only until December 31, 2020, unless further extended by the USCG.  To request training or for inquiries, please send an email with your name and full contact details to:


HudsonCyber provides leading global risk management services supporting government and commercial companies in understanding, managing and mitigating in their enterprise cyber risk.

The HA-CyberLogix platform is a secure, cloud-based tool that enables maritime stakeholders to rapidly and cost-effectively evaluate the degree to which cybersecurity capabilities and resources (people, processes, funding, and tools) are currently implemented and utilized across the organization.

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Automated Voyage Risk Assessment (AVRA)
is a software platform that allows vessel operators and owners to access current security risk assessment reporting for more than 3,000 port and sea areas throughout the world. AVRA includes historic records to prove compliance with the ISPS Code and the U.S. Code of Federal regulations AVRA is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world using web-based access.

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Maritime Security Management

Security Designed for Business

HudsonTrident offers a unique approach to enterprise security that is predicated on deep expertise in shipping and seaports operations and security as well as a converged approach to security that considers physical, operational, and cyber security as connected elements within the spectrum of enterprise security. This approach recognizes the value of enhanced security as an important component of international trade and a potential competitive advantage. This approach could be developed and implemented in ways that can facilitate competitiveness by:

  • Ensuring compliance with security requirements or practices that exceed, or are in addition to regulatory requirements such as security standards required by large potential customers including oil majors or large shippers;
  • Taking advantage of supply chain security incentives that allow for expedited cargo access to lucrative markets such as the United States or European Union;
  • Implementing security measures that allow for possible reductions in insurance rates;
  • Providing shipping companies with confidence that vessels will be secure in ports that have enhanced security while minimizing the risk of delayed cargo operations due to security concerns; and
  • Enhancing the commercial reputation of the port or facility as an enterprise where cargo is moved in a secure and efficient manner, thereby resulting in fewer delays and decreased pilferage or theft.

Demonstrable benefits to business include:

  • Security programs that are designed with commercial operations in mind. Security is designed to minimize disruptions to business and cargo while also meeting regulatory requirements as well as international supply chain security requirements that can provide competitive advantages;
  • Inclusion of cyber- and information security as part of a converged security approach that allows for an enterprise approach to security risk and avoids potential vulnerabilities and gaps in security programs;
  • Potential long-term savings where technological investments can reduce the reliance on security staffing;
  • Cyber and information security insurance assessments to ensure adequate cyber insurance coverage;
  • A focus on enterprise resilience so that security can support the ability of a port or terminal to respond and quickly recover to potentially disruptive events; and
  • A clear identification of risks to the business and commercial operations as well as an action plan with recommendations provided in a prioritized and sequenced manner and the possibility of providing estimated budget expenditures for both acquisition and operations.

HudsonTrident’s reputation and record of accomplishment in international maritime security and risk management are unmatched. Our ISPS track record covers more than 1800 ships and 300 ports and facilities, including those in high-risk, high-threat areas. We have completed major risk assessments and gap analyses for mega-ports under construction and achieved Recognized Security Organization (RSO) status in 10 countries.

Our Maritime Security Services include:

Company Security Services include assessment, consulting, auditing and CSO training. Learn more

Cyber Risk Management provides maritime organizations the tools and support needed to understand, gain control of, and manage cyber risk. To accomplish this we employ a unique cyber risk management approach tailored specifically to the maritime environment. This includes our award winning cyber risk self-assessment tool, CyberLogix.  Learn more

Vessel Security Services are offered for all vessels including general cargo, container, RO-RO, bulk carriers, Offshore vessels, oil/chemical tankers, FPSOs and MODUs. We offer end-to-end solutions that begin with security assessments and continue through security training, on-board security audits and consulting services. Learn more

Port and Facility Services  enable our clients to ensure the safety of their port and environment. Through planning, assessment, training and consulting, we help our clients minimize vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with all local and international codes and requirements. Learn More

Security Services are of great utility for clients transiting through or trading in high-risk waters. We offer Anti-Piracy/High Risk Waters Annexes to the Ship Security Plan and other services such as the Automated Voyage Risk Assessment (AVRA) application. Learn more

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Vessel Security

Vessel security services allow our clients to move forward with confidence. In addition to our assessment, planning, prevention and training programs, we also offer security consulting services and assistance.

Ship Security Assessment (SSA) includes a security assessment with On-scene Security Survey (OSS) and report including current AVRA calculation and marked General Arrangement plan. To comply with the ISPS Code requirements, the Ship Security Assessment must be performed individually on board each vessel, as it is the basis for each ship security plan. It is a process that addresses basic factors to be protected while identifying strengths and weaknesses and developing measures to reduce risk.

Ship Security Plan (SSP) establishes how the vessel will comply with the ISPS Code. In particular, it establishes the position of a Ship Security Officer (SSO) and details the security roles, responsibilities, procedures and equipment specific to the Company and vessel. The SSP may also be supplemented with a Ship Security Alert Stem (SSAS) Annex and/or an Anti-Piracy/High Risk Waters Annex. Our Ship Security Plan and Annexes have been accepted by more than forty Flag Administrations. We ensure approval of your HudsonTrident developed Ship Security Plan and will promptly address any issues that may arise during the review and approval of your submission to the Flag State or their RSO. Following approval, we can also provide plan revision services for any regulatory or client requested changes.

Annual Security Retainer Services are available which include routine updating and continual regulatory maintenance of the SSP/VSP, security regulatory advice, ISPS drill programs, and HudsonAnalytix client circulars.

Ship Security Training Programs are offered through HudsonTrident in partnership with our training division HudsonDynamix. These comprehensive training courses include Company Security Officer (CSO), Ship Security Officer (SSO/VSO), and Vessel/Facility Personnel with Specific Security Duties (VFPSSD). HudsonTrident is an approved training course provider; our courses are certified by the U.S. Coast Guard and are based on the latest U.S. and IMO requirements. Upon successful completion of training, ship’s Officers and crew will understand security requirements, implement plans, manage and monitor security systems, and ensure proper training in procedures, drills and exercises. These programs include lectures using real-world scenarios to ensure effectiveness. Further, HudsonTrident offers Maritime Security Awareness training and vessel/voyage-specific training for narcotics searching, evidence collection, and chain of custody to support vessel operators seeking to demonstrate due diligence in areas with a high risk of drug smuggling.

Ship Security Audits are necessary to ensure that plans are up-to-date and properly implemented. HudsonTrident internal audits are invaluable in maintaining compliance with ISPS Code and identifying any areas which may need revision especially, and in preparation, for annual or intermediate verification audits performed by the ISSC certifying authority.

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Port Security

Through planning, training and analysis, Hudson has reduced vulnerability and improved security at more than 300 ports around the world. We have been heavily involved in projects to assess and address security at all major U.S. ports and facilities.

Port Facility Security Assessment (PFSA/FSA) includes a current threat assessment and an on-scene security survey. To comply with ISPS Code and U.S. requirements, the Port Facility Security Assessment must be performed for each facility and is the basis for the Port Facility Security Plan.

Port Facility Security Plan (PFSP/FSP) establishes how the facility will comply with the ISPS Code. In particular it establishes the position of a Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO/FSO) and identifies the processes and procedures to be followed. We will address any Flag State or RSO issues to ensure approval of your HudsonTrident developed Ship Security Plan. Following approval, we can also provide plan revision services for any regulatory or client requested changes.

Port Security Training Programs are offered through HudsonTrident in partnership with our training division HudsonDynamix. These comprehensive courses include PFSO/FSO and Facility Personnel with Specific Security Duties. They are certified by DNV and based on the latest U.S. and IMO requirements. They are aimed at assisting our port and facility clients in meeting their mandatory MTSA ’02 and ISPS code compliance.

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